An unexpected side effect

Back in 1960-s the first penis pumps were used to cure men with organic erectile disorders. Those devices were meant to cause and enhance the erections. But in seven months it became apparent that vacuum erection device showed effects other than intended: Some patients were complaining about increasing length and extra girth in their penises tower

Penis pump: a portable vacuum processor.

  • The core working principle of a penis pump is to create vacuum necessary for stretching out a penile tissue.
  • Or simply it works as a tube that sucks out air or water so that your penis increases to fit the volume of water being spilled.
The structure of a penis pump puts together an acrylic tube with a plunger. At the back end of the cylinder a kind of band – the tension or occlusion ring – is placed.
  • Elasticity of the penile tissues, allow a considerable room for expansion; this process is easy to imagine when you put air in an under-inflated tire
  • And just the same idea but with a couple of medical terms: Once vacuum-induced tissue reached the new volume which is beyond its physiological limit, mechanism of transduction pathways is triggered. Cells could respond to signaling molecules even if those molecules did not pass into the cell. So the proliferation of new cells destined to fit the new conditions begins. The growth of tissue is permanent but will retract to some degree when the device is removed.
  • And now baby-talk: Dude, a bathmate is such a thing … Look; you put your little friend into it and the pump starts working; as it sucks out the water your johnson is getting bigger – the vacuum actually fools your penis and those little cells to start growing and all… So when you remove the gizmo, your cells still thinking that you grew bigger. So they go on multiplying like crazy trying to get hold of the new area… Get it?
A daily routine with a penis pump normally consists in several sets 5-minute each, for a 20 – 30 minutes of overall pumping time a day for the beginners. This time may be divided in two or more periods at your discretion.
In most cases a gain in volume holds on for several hours after each session. Then your fibers would return to their normal size. It’s like training in the gym; if your workouts go on for months, your muscles develop themselves and your bulge becomes permanent. There are some differences in pump construction. The typology of the pumps is as follows:
  • air pumps; the active element is air; their work is based on air pressure
  • bathmates or hydro pumps; runs on water
penis pump
In fact there is one more kind of air pump -VED (vacuum erectile device) – but it is used only for medical purposes (for organic erection issues). Hydro pumps also can be referred to as ‘Penomet’ ‘Bathmate’, “Hydromax; there are minor differences in their structure and connected marketing tricks. The main differences between water- and air-vacuum-induced devices are as follows:
A VED (vacuum erectile device) uses negative pressure to distend the corporal sinusoids and to increase blood inflow to the penis. It was first approved by the FDA in 1982 and recommended as one of the alternatives for organic Erectile Dysfunction
  • In standard air pumps constant vacuum is created by using an extremely tight gaiter that often seals with the body two to three inches up the penis so that to reverse blood flow. Whereas for the classic bathmate seals just near the pubic bones;
  • And one more feature – in bathmate pumps the entire vacuum is only present for one to two seconds at a time. There is a release of it twenty to thirty times in a single session. Once water is forced out a state of zero vacuum is created. This allows the blood to circulate once more.

Eleven arguments in favor of vacuum-induced devises

  1. Although the most radical and perhaps the quickest means to get yourself a big penis is surgery, you should bear in mind two considerations: any surgical intervention isn’t entirely safe. there are significant risks to the implantation of foreign materials into the penis including infection and erosion And a second – a human body has a great room of perfecting by its own resources. Unlike surgical methods vacuum-induced devices stimulate your body to repair itself ‘from the inside’.
  2. Vacuum penis devices have been clinically approved. Recent study showed that it has been the second most commonly used method for post-surgery penile rehabilitation (the first being the drug injection therapy)
  3. Penis no longer needs any extra cells, drafts or tissues taken from elsewhere to add to it; a bathmate helps to create your own tissue that matches the texture of the surrounding tissue, and of course there is no risk of rejection.
  4. The base of bathmate seals with the body on the skin around the pubic bones. This allows the penis to get volume to its entire length; also it helps for the inner part of penile root to move
  5. It is legit and even recommended to use vacuum pumps while you go on with your sexual activities. In case of surgery a patient fells off the map for a six month period or more.
  6. Penis pumps are safe and with no or minor side effects revealed so far; in comparison with “traction” devices – you can not ‘overweight’ the vacuum
  7. Continuous suction during the session widens arteries, allowing them to carry more blood to your cavernous body so that the overall capacity of your erectile tissue increases; Also a vacuum-induced pressure improves blood flow to the genitals during and after usage.
  8. Regular use of penis pump reduces the refractory period. In other words it helps to keep your tool in working condition all the time; you can achieve an erection much faster after each orgasm. It is possible due to increased penile sensitivity.
  9. The use of water in penis pumps also reduces asymmetry in the penis shaft; this effect at least visually makes the penis bigger
  10. Safety and Hygiene guaranteed. The bathmates work hand in glove with the hygiene. You can simply use it each time you are in the bathtub enjoying the plenty of water and feeling no worries about the microbes
  11. The vacuum device treatment is recommended by FDA for a number of conditions besides erectile dysfunction: diabetes; surgery for prostate; various psychological issues such as anxiety or depression
The design of medical penis pumps also varies. Some have a one-piece unit with a pump handle, while others have an outer pumping cylinder over an inner column. There is also a battery-operated pump, for patients who aren’t able to perform pumping. These devices have a safety feature – a pop-off vacuum valve, which is on after a certain pressure is produced (300–350 mmHg). Normal rigidity is obtained when a vacuum pressure reaches 90 mmHg. Once sufficient erection is achieved, the patient buttons the release mechanism.
penis pump

Six stunning facts on penis pumps I bet you’ve never heard of

  • In 1960, Geddings D. Osbon Sr. became frustrated when his physician advised him complete abstinence as the only cure for his worsening impotence. In despair Osbon built from an old bicycle pump a vacuum erection device which he then converted into a negative pressure penis pump for his personal use. Thus he heralded the beginning of a new era
  • The first commercial penis pump – VCD aka vacuum constriction device was approved by the US FDA in 1982, and in 1996, it has been recommended as one of the three options for organic ED treatment by the American Urological Association
  • Recent studies with the use of a unique animal model and a newly designed penis pump (VED) for rats clarified the mechanism of vacuum therapy for penile rehabilitation. The scientists designed a rat-specific penis pump based on rat anatomy and the principle of the human VED. The studies showed that VED therapy definitely enhances the erectile function through a number of mechanisms by improving the arterial blood flow into the penis.
  • The comprehensive tests of penis pumps showed that the vacuum erection is different from a normal erection. A natural erection causes a relaxation of the sinus smooth muscle within the corpora cavernosa, entrapping blood. Instead, with the penis pump, the negative pressure applies engorgement to all the parts of the penile tissue; and the tension rings prevent the venous outflow.
  • One of the pioneers penis pumps medicine, Bosshardt reported that vacuum erection was performed not only by mix of arterial and venous blood, but also that an extra-tunical tissue accounted for the large part of the increase in penile diameter.
  • Notably, for the most of the patients, the erections (especially at the glans) achieved with a help of the penis pumps are larger and last longer than their natural erections.

The most exciting idea whatsoever

Human mind applied vacuum to an incredibly wide spectrum of areas. But the idea of using it to build huge cocks remains literally the most exciting… Well, since the wise nature distributed her gifts unequally through all living things… Hey, dude, don’t envy those fellows with big penises! Take care of your own penis and do it right away
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