Bathmate Hercules

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  • Manufacturer: Bathmate UK
  • Brand: Bathmate
  • Model: Hercules
  • Length: 9.84 inches (249 mm)
  • Girth: 2.59 inches (66.00 mm)
  • Weight: 10 ounces (300 gr)
  • Body Composite Material: Polycarbonate
  • Gaiter Composite Material: Skin safe rubber
  • Spring Composite Material: Stainless steel
  • Product ID: BM-20-AB
  • UPC code: 5060140200000
  • Condition: New
Bathmate Hercules

Product Description

Bathmate Hercules penis pump hydro pump is the revolutionary product that offers following features:

  • 95% success rate
  • Increase of the penis in length and girth with instant visibility
  • 250% more efficient than air pump

Bathmate is the world best selling penis enlargement device that has many extra benefits. In addition to providing you with a larger penis, regular use helps you to keep your penis in top health, leading to harder, longer-lasting erections and increased sexual satisfaction – a real boost to your self-esteem and sexual confidence.

How to use Bathmate Hercules in the bath

Launched five years ago it is now sold in 60 countries around the world with over 200,000 satisfied users. Hercules penis pump success is based on several factors including being easy and convenient in use, but most of all it has proven to provide genuine results. After all, 200,000 men cannot be wrong. The benefits are amazing; the results it can bring are breathtaking:

  • Add up to 2 inches in length
  • Expand the girth up to 40%
  • Instant visible results
  • Produce rock hard erection
  • Help you last longer in bed
  • Applicable in bath, shower or in the air
  • 95% success rate
  • 250% more efficient than air pump
  • Widely used by adult industry professionals

Additional Information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 5 x 5 in

Blue, Clear, Red


Bathmate, Hercules

17 reviews for Bathmate Hercules

  1. 5 out of 5

    After two months, using every couple of days (I left a recovery period same as I would with weight training) I gained around 1 inch in length and a good visible increase in girth (didn’t measure!). I found it took a little practice in the shower but once I got used to using it, it’s easy enough. Now I just use it every week or so, for around 5 to 10 minutes as a workout to “keep in trim”. I have more sensitivity, better orgasms (stronger) and it definitely helps with stamina.
  2. 5 out of 5

    When I first got the Bathmate I thought it was another enlarge your penis con as couldn’t get a good vacuum until I shaved my pubes. Then after that I was on my way to making my penis bigger. I’m still in the first two weeks out of six during which they say you should use every 24 hours. But so far I’ve gained an extra inch in girth and 1.3 inches in length. I’m so happy with this product and my missus is even more happy. Trust me when I say results are made. The results speak for themselves. Thank you Bathmate.
  3. 1 out of 5

    I did as the instructions said, using for 5-10 mins for 6 weeks. I experienced some temporary enlargement which I thought was good, but unfortunately this was nothing permanent and the whole reason I bough this product was because I wanted to increase my penis size permanently. I also experienced bruising on my penis, even when using for only 5 mins. This of course was very concerning. I would not use this product again.
  4. 4 out of 5

    I have been using the pump almost every day for 20 mins for about 7 weeks now. My first impressions were positive. It is very easy to understand how to use and it is made well. However, the most important question was, does it work? Well I have had mixed results. I can happily say that my flaccid penis is certainly longer and significantly thicker than before. Before, I tended to hang between 4.5-6″. Now it is always 6″ or above which is extremely satisfying. My erect length, unfortunately, doesn’t appear to be much greater. When I use the pump I gain around 3/4 of an inch in length and an inch in girth but when I remove my penis I only maintain the girth and it returns to normal length. I intend to continue using it in the hope of more gains, in fact taking a shower or bath without it seems unusual such is my content with the product. A small issue is that showers take a long time now and it can get a little boring. I would also recommend anyone with an erect penis of 8 x 6 to get the larger Goliath version as I have found I probably could increase my girth more using it as I fill the Hercules. Overall I am very satisfied and feel this to be a better and safer option than a normal air pump. I also notice I shoot further when I cum which is a nice surprise!
  5. 2 out of 5

    I’ve really enjoyed using Bathmate as I especially like the temporary results, typically for erect about half an inch girth and a quarter an inch length gain which lasts for most the day. Flaccid length and girth increases are about the same so proportionally more. I’ve seen no long-term gain at all. There have been varied results with temporary gains and once I had over an inch of girth gain. Unfortunately when inside the Bathmate my girth completely fills it, at least around the base up to about half way up. The pinching and rings associated with the rubber section is painful and may well contribute to a lack of length gain. I contacted Bathmate and they suggested lubrication, which only offers limited relief. For me the next size up Goliath is just ridiculous. I don’t need a longer Bathmate and the extreme width would probably be even more uncomfortable, trapping the wrong bits. They couldn’t confirm when/if they would provide an intermediate model. Additionally I have experience bruising which has got gradually worse; so I’ve decided to stop using the Bathmate until it improves. One more thing, for the Hercules the internal measured length is 20cm 8 inches with some headroom to go up to about 23cm so 9 inches. If your penis is about 5.5-inch girth naturally expect to have problems.
  6. 1 out of 5

    I purchased the Bathmate after reading about it on various penis enlargement forums. Certain influential forum owners/members rave about it and provide in-depth guides on its use. They also claim to use this model and have massive penises. I was a little sceptical about their claims, especially considering that they’re affiliate marketers and must make a tidy profit from those purchasing the product through their links. Thankfully I was not one of those people, choosing to purchase through Lovehoney instead. The item arrived very quickly and was well packaged (thanks Lovehoney). I was immediately impressed by its build quality. This is a well engineered product, over-engineered even. It is a league apart from the typical novelty plastic sex toy. On first use, I followed the instructions, ran a warm bath, relaxed for about fifteen mins and then attempted to use the item. My first thought was, “god this thing is stiff”. Unfortunately I was thinking about the rubbery black base which you compress to achieve a vacuum. It was physically painful to get a good vacuum. The force required to compress the corrugated pump section is very high. Repeatedly jamming it into the pubic bone is a less than pleasurable experience and not conducive to relaxation, let alone arousal. Once an adequate vacuum is achieved you are supposed to leave it on for fifteen to twenty minutes. I went for twenty, despite the periodic pain endured when forcing the unit back into my crotch to maintain peak vacuum. The tension was building and I was anxious to see the result. The twenty mins were up. I pressed the pressure release valve and painfully scraped the unit off my member. What a sight to behold. My penis was now corrugated! It had formed to the shape of the pumping unit itself, as you naturally would expect, which makes the design of this machine a bit of a joke. My penis is not overly large. It is an adequate size, it’s fairly thick but not unusually so. Yet this unit is far too small for me. I would say this is a marketing ploy to get people to buy the entry level machine (which is expensive) and then give their ego a little boost while simultaneously asking for twice as much cash again for the larger machine. Having said that, there is no way in hell I would even recommend the larger version as the mechanism is far too stiff and painful in use. I gave the Bathmate one more try a day or so later with the same result, except with even more corrugation. I believe the skin in these stressed areas may split with repeated use and this has been confirmed by information I have subsequently found out from less than enthused customers. So, in summary, this is a very well made item which is totally unsuitable for purpose. It is painful in use and if you can get past that it is probably too small for you anyway. Do not believe the hype, spend your money on something else!
  7. 4 out of 5

    Having just ordered the Bathmate Goliath I though I’d pass on my thought on the Hercules version. When I ordered it in March I wasn’t sure whether to dive straight for the larger Goliath or play it safe with the Hercules… I plumped for the later… For reference my size at the start was a little under 8″ in length and 5.5″ girth… Now, if any of you are around this size I would go straight for the Goliath as I filled out the Hercules within 3 months! I’m now 8.5″ length, 6″ girth and there is no further room for growth with the Hercules. I carried on using it until I’d saved up enough to move up, but my cock struggled in the chamber as my head kept getting wedged near the top where the chamber narrows. It was a little painful. Another point. The foam cushioning at the bottom of the Bathmate came off within two weeks. It doesn’t affect the working of the Bathmate but it is slightly more uncomfortable. A couple of points. Don’t rush, only do it for 20-25 minutes a day. Also, I preferred to use it in the bath not the shower but each to their own. Once I’ve used the Goliath for a few months I’ll right a review on that!
  8. 3 out of 5

    Let’s be honest, everyone wants a bigger willy. Even if (like me) you’re of an average size, it’d be fun to have an extra inch or two swinging between your legs. The Bathmate promises just this, and you even have the added convenience of being able to use it privately in the shower. After reading positive online reviews, I decided to buy one and try it out… First impressions: well made, well packaged, lots of room to expand, seems to produce a good vacuum (I could stick the thing to my wall). First time in the bath: the idea is that you climb into a warm bath (up to your waist), fill the unit with water, place it over your soft penis and form a negative pressure in the unit by pumping the device against your pubic region. Because of the negative pressure, blood is drawn into the penis which expands in length and girth. Allegedly, over time, your penis stretches and becomes permanently larger, with the added bonus of improving the strength of your erections. At least, that’s the theory: it’s not all perfect. Turns out that if you’ve got any pubic hair at all, it’s difficult to form a seal around the base of the unit and so you can’t get it up to pressure. Secondly, the pumping action is very stiff and all this ramming into the pubic area becomes uncomfortable after a while and makes it difficult (and you unwilling) to pump up to the right pressure. I had to stop after a bit: no increase in size (because it wouldn’t seal) and soreness in my groin. Thirdly, the unit sticks out of the body at a right angle, but most penises point up from the horizontal when erect. Consequently, when pumped up, your penis may press against the side of the cylinder (which could cause trauma or bruising). I did find that this problem could be reduced by careful positioning. Second use: Had a bit of a trim downstairs, and thought I’d give it another try. In the bath. Pump (ouch), pump (ouch), pump (ouch) and watch as my willy gradually gets bigger and bigger. I stopped as soon as the pressure felt sufficient (best to start slow and best to always listen to your body) and released a bit of the pressure by pressing down on the pressure release valve until it felt comfortable. I then waited for fifteen minutes, re-pumping every now and then to maintain the right level. Not uncomfortable and while not particularly relaxing or sexy, it felt quite good. The instructions advise you to stand up when you’ve finished your session so you can admire your hard work, so I did as I released the pressure and removed the unit. WOW! IT’S MASSIVE! My willy flopped out of the unit and it was enormous! My modest member had been transformed into a big, plump Cumberland sausage! Fantastic! At this point, it had added about two inches to my flaccid length and perhaps the same amount to the girth. Maybe this thing might actually work… Not all good news though: while there was no pain, there was slight tenderness and I was worried me that I’d damaged myself. This was made worse by the fact that I couldn’t get an erection for an hour or two afterwards and also because some discolouration (bruising? damage? broken penis?) had appeared on the shaft (this did vanish quite quickly though). This was pretty scary: it’s at times like this that you look back at all the fun times you’ve had with your penis and suddenly realize just how important it is too you. You also notice that this unit has the potential to develop a powerful vacuum (and I don’t think I was using it anywhere near it’s full strength); it really wouldn’t surprise me if it has the potential to cause a great deal of damage with over-zealous use: burst blood vessels, bruising, ED and all manner of nasty (and potentially permanent) damage can result from pumping at too high a pressure. This is scary stuff. The unit claims to be self-limiting at a certain (safe?) pressure, but how can you tell? There’s no pressure gauge, you can’t see when you’re getting up to high pressures and there’s no consensus as to what is a safe pressure to pump at. This is a major flaw. Of course, you’d stop if there was pain but it’s easy to get carried away, especially if you’re wanting to push for bigger and bigger sizes. A small but functional willy is far better than a big but damaged one. Ultimately, I hadn’t over-pumped and as soon as I stopped freaking out (an hour or two later), I was granted the biggest hardest erection of my life and, the next morning, I woke up with the biggest morning wood of my life. I’m young and in good health: that’s really saying something. To conclude: I’m a bit scared to use it again (I really don’t want to damage my perfectly average and perfectly functional member) and ending up with a sore pubic bone is hardly pleasurable. It is, however, great fun to see your big thick winky plop out of the tube after use. It’d be nice to see if the gains are permanent or temporary: it seemed bigger the next day. I’m going to use it (gingerly) for a bit and see what happens… I do, however, think that the device has the potential to cause damage (do also note that the unit is positioned very close to the testicles and perhaps their blood supply when in use; as you pump down with quite some force, how do you know if they’re safe in all this?) and I’ll be stopping permanently at the first sign of pain or even minor injury: it’s just not worth it. Discolouration of the penile skin is another concern. Interesting and novel, but not clear if I’ll be using it long-term. To be honest, it’s a bit scary…
  9. 4 out of 5

    You can certainly feel your penis being stretched from bottom to top in relation to both girth and length. You can monitor the range of pressure on the measure sticker and it being a transparent casing you can see what it is doing to the penis. It helped me see what my penis could look like if I were to prolong my usage of this. I have only used it one week and i believe my penis is a little bit thicker in girth. My penis seems to hang a little lower after using this for that period of time. For me it was best to take time off using it as penis needs time to heal from the pressure and penile expansion. I did one week and then stopped for a while and will soon be back at it. My penis needs time to rebuild broken tissue and then to build the tissue back stronger. The good thing about it is you can release the air pressure by pushing down on the valve, and gradually let your penis reduce to normal size. After about 15mins my penis looked pumped and longer for a temporary period and then went back to normal size. Supports your penis pretty well, and you can leave it on your penis while one is having a bath. The Bathmate can hold a grip on your penis even more by applying some lubricant around base. The Bathmate does not fall apart when you use it. It is discreet and can be carried anywhere. After a few days my penis started to hurt inside after applying a lot more pressure that my usual slow routine. Started to see red spots appear on penis, but after a while it did disappear and decided to decrease the pressure. The gains are temporary for a short period of use and the penis retracts back to original size after about 30mins. Few problems with water retention in the penis – again reducing pressure helped to solve that issue. During expansion wmy penis in the tube would rub against the sides, and therefore I had to use some lubricant on penis to stop it rubbing. Penis does look and feel heavier and more plump after sessions. The plump look I got from using Bathmate was after 1 week usage 15 mins per day and I timed it with a clock when in the bath. I had to make sure my penis was flaccid in the bathmate to ensure that it is stretched in the right areas as having it erect would hurt due to the pressure. Great product and worth the investment for faster gains, and especially with girth.
  10. 5 out of 5

    This is my second review of this product as after having for over a month I can review a little more thoroughly. All I can say is it works. I have nearly outgrown it with only 1cm left on gauge (will get X40 next) having grown 3cm thus far. It really does work and I’m no longer sceptical. As a tip, use a jelly stretchy cock ring to keep your balls together and out of tube.
  11. 4 out of 5

    I’ve tried many different ways of extending my penis. You could say that none have really worked or that I’ve lost faith early on and given up. That said, I saw this device and thought it would be something I could use while having my daily bath and not get in the way like other such products. I was expecting great things from this device. First few weeks were experimental and as you pump you get that “bloody hell” feeling as your cock grows inside the tube. Reading online, I changed the way I was using it and started doing 20 mins a day in 3 short 6 minute bursts. This brought the occasional bruising/spots and fluid retention. If anything, over the 5 months I’ve now been using it I have more noticed an increase in girth rather than an increase in length, which kind of was the opposite of what I wanted. The device is good for those who like me, apart from the time in the bath, have no time or cannot carry out any other methods in the home (yep I have kids). It’s easy and safe to use. Suction is kept very well although I do recommend shaving the area first :). Overall I’m pleased and would love to try the new Hydromax version to see how it compares.
  12. 5 out of 5

    I am reviewing this after only a week so ultimately I am unsure of whether it will produce long-term results, but so far so good. I bought this on a whim, out of curiosity more than anything. The Bathmate is very sturdy and well made. I jumped into the bath with it almost the moment I got it. Within a few days when fully pumped I am already reaching a further 2cms down the tube. (I like the gauge for seeing development). Maybe it is a placebo effect but I feel much hornier in general. Maybe due to the feeling of a thick but flaccid soldier swinging between my legs as I walk commando down the road. One downside is I am now filling it to the point that the corrugated base is now digging into my member, leaving ridges in me. I am not that bothered though as I want length more than girth. The only major problem is the scary feeling of it sucking up my balls when pumping. I have since been using it upside-down to stop that and drawn inches gauge on the underside instead, far more comfy this way.
  13. 4 out of 5

    Recently it was very hard for me to achieve “stone-hard” quality of my cock. With the use of the application said above condition is accomplished any time you want without fail. But increase in length and girth ain’t evident yet.
  14. 4 out of 5

    Finally I discovered how this pumping-shmumping works: It releases “root” part of my penis that is usually hidden inside my body. If i don’t use bathmate for a long time it may “suck in”, go backwards. So talking about the “real growth” is a bit ambiguos because you never knowif if it is growth or just temporal shifting of your penis root forward
  15. 5 out of 5

    I love it! It is cheap and efficient! I take it easy, using it three times a week for 4 month now. At first my dick was pumping up for a few minutes after sessions and was coming back to the initials after a few minutes. But I didn’t give up on it and kept pumping regularly. Time go, time show. And it certainly did! In a month I had slight increase in length and noticeable result in girth expansion. Guess what, as for today I gained the whole inch in length! Thank you, guys!
  16. 5 out of 5

    I have to say, I bought this product on a whim, and was somewhat skeptical. I have been using it for 2 weeks, and already have 1/2″ gain in girth. I am using approximately every other day. Yesterday, my wife and I had a planned “date” in the evening. While she was away during the day, I had a pumping session. When we had sex last night, afterwards, she said ” That was fucking awesome”. She has never said that to me in our 30 + years together. Also a couple of days a week, I am waking up with morning “wood”. I thought those days were over. I am a fan and a believer now. 58 year old satisfied customer.
  17. 2 out of 5

    I purchased the product about eight months ago and it seemed to work great for aeound six months, i had harder and longer erections, they were more frequent and lasted much longer. But eventually i was unable to use the pump anymore as my penis seems to be too thin to cause a seal which has not only been concerning but has done a number on my self confidence. Im not sure if this has just tightened my skin or my penis is simply too thin but I have been left with a product i can no longer use. Im Nineteen and cannot achieve a full erection, its always been a problem i have and originally i had thought this was a solution but as stated before, i cannot use the product any longer no seal gets created and water just shoots out. Would recommend if you have good girth.

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